12/05/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 2097952


Mildura Speedway Driver’s Club



By Carol Adamson Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club


Street Stocks Top Gun 50 Lap

26 Street Stocks battled for the Honour of Top Gun on the night with several drivers sharing the heat wins including Horsham’s Emma Bansemer, Paul Salau from Swan Hill, SA Jason Duell, Shaun Henry from Bendigo, SA Nigel Reichstein, Rosedale’s Robert Tinworth and Mildura’s Leigh Fallon.

AUS 1 Robbie Faux took Heat wins in 2 heats and a 3rd and lead the final for 29 laps before a mechanical defect saw him, sadly for his many fans, retire infield.

In round 2 of heats Rosedale’s Mick Clark was leading the charge when in turn 1 his engine let go and smoke billowed from his car.

22 cars entered the track for the final 50 lap race with SA’s Jason Duell taking the Top Gun Honour in 1st place. Starting out of 12th position Mildura’s Albert Fell came in 2nd with Bendigo’s Shaun Henry in 3rd.



Wingless Sprints

15 Wingless Sprints started the night and with some spectacular collisions taking place only 7 remained to cross the finish line in the final. Mitch Gladman took a heat win and with 4 laps to go in the final and sitting in 3rd position he came unstuck in the back straight after contact with another sprinter, Mitch sustained severe damage that put him infield and at the same time Daniel Evans collided with the fence in turn 2 and rolled. Joel Chadwick made the move on front runner Todd Wigzell after the restart and took the chequered flag from Todd in 2nd and Mildura’s Shaun McClure, who ran a consistant race starting out of 7th position in the final finishing in 3rd.Displaying shaun McClure 1.jpg

Mildura's Shaun McClure

Round 1.

Heat 1. 1st  44 Daniel Evans, 2nd 79 Keke Falland, 3rd  2 Troy Small

Heat 2. 1st 88 Todd Wigzell, 2nd 7 Wayne Kirley, 3rd 57 Robert Heard

Round 2.

Heat 1. 1st 25 Joel Chadwick, 2nd 23 Shaun McClure, 3rd 57 Robert Heard

Heat 2. 1st 69 Mitch Gladman, 2nd 86 Angelo Halacus, 3rd  7 Wayne Kirley

Final. 1st 25 Joel Chadwick, 2nd 88 Todd Wigzell, 3rd 23 Shaun McClure



Support Classes


Mildura saw the return of Nathan and Heath Thorne to the Juniors, amazing drivers for their age and will surely  be one’s to watch in the future as they progress through to senior ranks.

In heat 2 Nathan Thorne after starting out of 6th on the grid made a thrilling  manoeuvre going 3 wide in turn 1 to take out 3rd position. In the final an incident saw Nathan retire infield alongside SA’s Danni Stumann with severe front end damage, SA’s Heath Thorne taking the win from Mildura’s Jaidyn Ruhs 2nd  and Mildura’s Dylan Richter in 3rd

Heat 1  1st MDA25 Jaidyn Ruhs, 2nd SA78 Nathan Thorne and 3rd SA52 Heath Thorne

Heat 2  1st SA52 Heath Thorne, 2nd  MDA25 Jaidyn Ruhs and 3rd SA78 Nathan Thorne

Final     1st  SA52 Heath Thorne, 2nd   MDA25 Jaidyn Ruhs and 3rd MDA12 Dylan Richter


Vintage Heavy weight Hot Rods

6 Cars took to the field for a Demonstration Run with a variety of Models. Many of these cars will converge on Mildura in September 2014 when Mildura Speedway Drivers Club celebrates its 50th year Anniversary.

Fun day for drivers and crew will be held on 31st May with Annual Presentation Night to be held at Mildura Golf Club on 21st June.




Timmis Speedway Wraps Up 13-14 Season

Timmis Speedway Wraps Up 13-14 Season

06/05/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 2062272

Meeting to be held on Saturday 10th May 2012

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club

By Carol Adamson (Publicity Officer)

Timmis Speedway Mildura will host its final meeting for the season with 2 x 50 Lap Features and will cap of the night with a Figure 8 Ramp Race. Support classes will be Junior Sedans and Vintage heavy weight hot rods.

Displaying rob.jpg

MJS Street Stock Top Gun 50 Lap and the Good Deal Tyre Wingless Sprints 50 Lap Races are sure to be crowd pleasers as we see the return of Mildura’s 2 time Australian Champion Robbie Faux who will be looking to finish his season off and take the Title of Street Stocks Top Gun. An expected 30  nominated Street Stock drivers including Mildura drivers, Trevor Logan, Scott Mason, Albert Fell, Jake Drewett, Jason Faux, Dave Dolic and club President Ben Aworth. Visiting drivers include Rosedale’s Darren Paisley, Robert Tinworth, Darren Laurie and Mick Clark. Swan Hills Scott Bull, Dan Fox and Paul Salau, Graeme Tumes from Broken Hill and from Avalon Ric Swasbrick. SA is well represented with 6 drivers including Jason Duell who always displays great driving ability and will surely be in the front runners on the night. Giving the guys a run for the title will be Horsham’s Emma Bansamer.

Displaying Mitch Gladman.jpg

Mildura will be represented in the Good Deal Tyres 50 lap Wingless Sprints by  Angelo Halacus, Mitch Gladman, Anthony McMillan and Shaun McClure who will be one to watch with several recent top 3 finishes of late. With a field of 14 there is sure to be some action and excitement.

Fans can expect some fast pace racing amongst the Juniors as we see the return of 12 year old twins Heath and Nathan Thorne in their Charades. A field of 9 Juniors are nominated with Tasmania’s Shianna McGrath making the trek to Mildura once again. Timmis Speedway  is the host of the Australian Junior Title in January 2015 and drivers are expected to be here from all over Australia.

Displaying twins.jpg

Vintage Heavy Weight Hot Rods will also support the night with 10 Cars nominated.

The Figure 8 Ramp Race will finish the night off with some of the drivers set to be seen next season. Shannon Hilder who first started racing at the age of 10 in the Juniors and brother in law Timmy Logan will be out in the figure 8’s before they take on the challenge ahead next season driving  AMCA’s alongside Shannon’s father Ross Porker. Other nominations for the figure 8’s are Club President Ben Aworth, Vice President Darren McCarthy, Jason Bolitho, Mathew Price, Melissa McMillan, Tom Wallace, Jarrad Lipicas and Sheridan Holland.

Spectator gates will open at 3pm with Racing to start at 5pm.


timmis results easter

timmis results easter

23/04/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1979862

Mildura Speedway Driver’s Club


By Carol Adamson Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club

Friday and Sunday nights racing was packed with action as drivers competed in several major events culminating with the Late Models 50 Lap Final.



18 cars started the 50 lap final of the late Models commencing with a thundering  3 wide salute, 3 laps down and a four car pile up in turn 2 brought on the yellow. Barry Kelleher in N65  retired infield with damage and 16 year old Blake Everleigh in N44 sustained front and rear damage rupturing the fuel system and forcing him infield. N15 Nathan Smee had contact with the back straight fence at the same time relegating him rear of field along with S21 Darryl Launer and S12 Andrew Launer.

 With several race stoppages and $5,000 to win the race became fearce. Front runners didn’t want to give up their positions, many being sent rear for racing incidents and concern for fuel amount was apparent. With only 6 cars surviving  N99 Ben Nicastri took the chequered flag in 1st with V26 Gary Bryans 2nd and in 3rd place Mildura’s very own Cameron Waters in V98.

Heat wins went to:

Round 1. Heat 1. X4 David Robertson, Heat 2 S10 Matt Crimmins

Round 2. Heat 1. N9 Ron Pyne, Heat 2 N15 Nathan Smee

Round 3. Heat 1. N19 Todd Bayley, Heat 2 N99 Ben Nicastri

Round 4. Heat 1. N19 Todd Bayley, Heat 2 N99 Ben Nicastri

Top 8 shootout was won by N99 Ben Nicastri

Final: 1st N99 Ben Nicastri, 2nd V26 Gary Bryans, 3rd V98 Cameron Waters





25 AMCA’s competed with Mildura’s Darren McCarthy taking 2 heat wins on Friday night finishing his 2nd with smoke billowing from his vehicle. Missing a heat on Friday and with a lot of work on his car Darren was back on the track for Sunday night, taking out a 3rd in heat 4 and a win in  heat 5. Darren placed 4th overall in the final.


Rd 1. Heat 1. Darren McCarthy, Heat 2. Steve Lodwick, Heat 3. Matt Hardy

Rd 2. Heat 1. Darren McCarthy, Heat 2. Jamie Collins, Heat 3. Matt Hardy

Rd 3. Heat 1. Danny Prade, Heat 2. Tim Reidy, Heat 3. Brian Chadwick

Rd 4. Heat 1. Peter Markulin, Heat 2. Jamie Collins, Heat 3. Steve Lodwick

Rd 5. Heat 1. Grant Cullinger, Heat 2. Tim Reidy, Heat 3. Darren McCarthy

Dash For Cash: Won by V79 Tim Reidy

Final: 1st V79 Tim Reidy, 2nd SA18 Danny Prade, 3rd Q15 Matt Hardy





Wingless Sprints

With Mildura’s next meeting being the Wingless Sprint Feature a battle for honors is shaping up between Chadwick, Ireland and Mildura’s Shaun McClure. Drivers recently breaking track records at Renmark and Adelaide.


Heat 1 1st   S71 Brett Ireland, 2nd S25 Joel Chadwick, 3rd S23 Shaun McClure

Heat 2 1st  S25 Joel Chadwick, 2nd  S22 Andy Thomas, 3rd S69 Mitch Gladman

Heat 3 1st S23 Shaun McClure, 2nd S12 Darren Burgess, 3rd S7 Wayne Kurley

Final 1st S25 Joel Chadwick, 2nd S23 Shaun McClure, 3rd S69 Mitch Gladman


Street Stocks - Paige McCarthy Beard Feature


An excited Jason Faux took the feature win on Friday night, pumping his fists in the air and waving the chequered flag. Next meeting we will see the return of 2 time Australian Champion Robbie Faux contesting the 50 lap Top Gun Feature.

Results from Friday 18th April

Heat 1. 1st MDA83 Scott Mason, 2nd MDA17 Jason Faux, 3rd MDA79 Albert Fell

Heat 2. 1st SA91 Darren Brumfield, 2nd SA58 Neville Nitchke, 3rd MDA83 Scott Mason

Heat 3. 1st SA91 Darren Brumfield, 2nd SA58 Neville Nitchke, 3rd MDA17 Jason Faux

Final.  1st MDA17 Jason Faux, 2nd MDA83 Scott Mason, 3rd SH52 Zoey/Paul Salau



Junior’s from Tasmania and Northern Terrritory were getting early practice in for next years Australian Junior Title. Including  13 year old Corey Greening from NT. It was Corey’s first time racing on Mildura clay and placed well in the heats and final.


Heat 1  1st  MDA25  Jaidyn Ruhs, 2nd   NT18 Corey Greening,  3rd SA99 Jake Richter

Heat 2  1st   MDA25 Jaidyn Ruhs, 2nd SA99 Jake Richter, 3rd  SA4 Tom Richter

Heat 3  1st   MDA25  Jaiydn Ruhs, 2nd NT18 Corey Greening,  3rd SA11 Danielle Stuman

Final     1st, MDA25 Jaidyn Ruhs ,2nd NT18 Corey Greeining,   3rd SA99 Jake Richter


Timmis Speedway’s next meeting will be held on Saturday May 10th 2014 Featuring the Street Stock 50 lap Top Gun, Wingless Sprint feature and Figure 8 ramp Race




Timmis Speedway Mildura is set to Host The Motorhouse Victorian V8 Late Model Sedan Title

Timmis Speedway Mildura is set to Host The Motorhouse Victorian V8 Late Model Sedan Title

19/03/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1779523

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club Media Release

By Carol Adamson ( Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club)

Timmis Speedway Mildura is set to Host The Motorhouse Victorian V8 Late Model Sedan Title this Saturday 22nd March.Displaying late model Steve vaughan.jpg

17 nominations from several states will roar into town to take on Local drivers S64 Daniel Drewett and  V98 Cameron Waters, along with fello Victorian drivers, V0 Danny Amato and V10 Justin Pearson for the honours.

Cameron Waters began his career in racing in 2001 racing in  Go Karts competing nationally with multiple championship wins. Waters went on to drive Formula Vee in 2009 and then the Australian Formula Ford Championship in 2010, claiming 3 podium finishes and finishing sixth in the overall Championship leader board. This earnt Cameron the Rookie of the year title. The following season he went on to win the championship with seven race wins. Eyes will be on Cameron to bring home the Title to Mildura.

Further nominations in the Late Model field are, X4 David Robertson, S5 Luke Raymond, M5 Mark  McCarthy, W8 Craig Vosbergen, W10 Matt Crimmins, S12 Andrew Launer, N19 Todd Bayley, AX21 Chevy Edwards, S21 Darryl Launer, S67 Steve Vaughan, N79 John Drennan, B84 Stuey Hill and W91 Michael Holmes.

Hot Laps will take place for the late Models at 6.30pm with each car competing in 3 heats followed by a 20 lap final.

Big fields for support classes, Modified Sedans, Juniors, Wingless Sprints and Street Stocks will further add to the thundering roar of the V8’s

Mildura’s very own 2 time Australian Champion Robbie Faux will once again thrill the fan’s with his exceptional driving skills  in the Street Stocks, Competing against 11 other drivers including Jake Drewett, Trevor Logan, Albert Fell, Scott Mason and SA Neville Nitschke and AX Morris Ahearn

Amazing racing can be expected when the Juniors hit the track as the Thorne Twins return to Mildura in the SA, MJS Diahatsu Charades to take on Local driver Jaidyn Ruhs, SA drivers Thomas and Dylan Richter and AX Cameron Pearson.

Mildura Champion David Smith will be back to contest the Modified Sedans alongside drivers from SA Jeremy McClure, Trevor & Marty Raams and Clint Jones, Swan Hill’s Nathan Ehms and Mildura’s Martin Hawson, Paul Sheen  Peter/Wade McCarthy and Darren Allen in AV41.

Wingless Sprints will also support the night with a field of 9 cars.  Shaun McClure is back in the seat of 23 after a brief break which saw Jason Bolitho put the car around the track in brilliant form. Jason will be back in 52 for this weekend and both will contest against Joel Chadwick, Zack Tyson, anthony McMillan, Darren Burgess, Mitch Gladman, Brett Ireland and Angelo Halacus.

Displaying cameron waters.png




11/03/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1736551

Mildura Speedway Driver’s Club


By Carol Adamson Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club

Displaying Wade McCarthy.jpg


24 Modified sedans competed for the 5th round points on Saturday night at Timmis Speedway Mildura. Heat 3A was won by Brenton Mills after Martin Hawson was put back 2 places into 3rd for a racing incident giving 2nd place to SA 2 Jeremy McClure and Hawson 3rd. Heat 3B saw a tangle in turn 4 between N13 Russell Bent in the FG Falcon and B15 Zac Swanson who sustained extensive damage and both cars retired infield.  A further stoppage was seen when the bonnet on AX 32 flew up blocking Brody Christie’s vision. With only 3 cars on restart a fantastic close race for first took place for the final 6 laps between West and McCarthy with West taking the chequered flag McCarthy 2nd and HA 27 Kim Killeen 3rd.

 Rnd 1 Heat wins went to Marty Hawson, Chris Hayden and Wade McCarthy

 Rnd 2 Heat wins Chris Hayden, Graham West and Nick Hill

 Rnd 3 Heat wins Brenton Mills, Graham West and Chris Hayden

20 cars started in the 25 lap final which had several restarts with incidents including a concertina effect seen in the back straight between several cars. With 15 laps to go MDA 19 David Smith retired due to mechanical problems. AV 12  Billy Reick was out with a right rear flat tyre and with 3 laps to go an incident in turn 4 put B56 Graham West in his Holden LJ Torana around  facing the infield, Graham was put rear of field with 12 cars left racing to the finish line. Podium finishers were. 

Final: 1st N 81 Rodney Burr 2nd MDA 72 Martin Hawson 3rd AX32  Brody Christie


Vintage Classic Super Modified Sprinters


Heat 1  1st  SA42 Dave Germein , 2nd SA30 Malcolm Summerville and 3rd   VIC62 Shane McConnell  

Heat 2  1st   SA30 Malcolm Summerville , 2nd SA49 Glen Catford  and 3rd VIC9 David Moore

Heat 3  1st SA49 Glen Catford , 2nd VIC62 Shane McConnell and 3rd SA30 Malcolm Summerville

Final     1st SA30 Malcolm Summerville , 2nd  VIC9 David Moore and 3rd VIC62 Shane McConnell

Wingless Sprints

After a slippery start to event 1 for the night heat 1 was declared and only 4 cars remained for the rest of the evening. Jason Bolitho took the seat of  Shaun McClure’s S23 for the night taking a Heat win and the chequer in the final. Mitch Gladman and Zac Tyson  had trouble spinning in turn 1 both being put rear of field. Mitch spun out twice in the final and struggled to finish after placing 2nd in 2 heats earlier. Zac recovered to take out 2nd in the final.

Heat 1 1st  S26  Zac Tyson, 2nd S69 Mitch Gladman, 3rd  S86 Angelo Halacus (Race Declared)

Heat 2 Was ran as 4 x 2 lap dashes

Heat 3 1st S23 Jason Bolitho, 2nd S69 Mitch Gladman, 3rd S37 Anthony McMillan


Final 1st S23 Jason Bolitho, 2nd S26 Zack Tyson, 3rd S37 Anthony McMillan


Timmis Speedway’s next meeting will be held on 22nd March featuring the Victorian Late Model Title plus support classes.

WInners of the Burnout Competition

Round 1 Scott Patullo – XD Falcon

Round 2 All declared even between Luke McCourt- AU Falcon, Tim Logan- EA Falcon, Braeden Pate EL Falcon and Anthony McMillan in his ED Falcon Street Stock


Mildura Speedway Drivers Club is set to host the Victorian Modified Production Series

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club is set to host the Victorian Modified Production Series

05/03/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1705987

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club Media Release

By Carol Adamson ( Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club)

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club is set to host the Victorian Modified Production – Australian Multiskill Series round 5.



Displaying spider.jpgDisplaying smith 2.jpg

With 25 cars nominated Mildura will roar on Saturday night as the Modifieds race around Timmis Speedway. 6 local drivers including our very own AUS 1 Champion David Smith will be out there to bring home the chequered flag for Mildura.

Visiting drivers include Kellie Atkins and Kim Kileen from Hamilton, Mark Sheen formally from Mildura, Billy Rieck and Brenton Mills from Avalon and the inspiring Graham West in his Holden LJ Torana.

West leads the series points heading into Saturday nights Racing and is Known to drive well on Timmis Speedway soil.  Nick Hill from Nyora is sitting in 2nd on the leader board close behind West and will be looking to increase his chances of taking out the series championship. Drivers are also travelling from Swan Hill, Rosedale, Portland and  Bendigo and a  Father and son team in  Gavin and Chris Hill from Warrnambool both in XF falcons.  

Supporting the Modifieds will be Wingless Sprints including Darren Burgess, Jason Bolitho, Zac Tyson, Anthony McMillan, Mitch Gladman and Angelo Halacas.

Vintage Classic Super Modifieds will also take to the Timmis Circuit. Vehicles not seen in Mildura for many years. Drivers include VIC 9 David Moore, SA11 Barry Sullivan, SA30 Malcolm Summerville, SA42 Dave Germein, SA49 Glen Catford, VIC 62 Shane McConnell and SA Chris Brown.  

                    Displaying SCAN0006 (2).JPG

As an added popular show for the crowd there will also be a 2 round competition of burnouts on the night.

Gates open at 5pm with racing to start at 7pm


Reed grabs the cash – Ely Wins the Series

Reed grabs the cash – Ely Wins the Series

04/03/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1700039

Reed grabs the cash – Ely Wins the Series

At Timmis Speedway

Displaying 10393_52_baa7aae-ed.jpg

Displaying sprinter podium.jpg

Feature winner Matthew Reed (centre) and above in full flight.

ACT49 Matt Reed returned from the States on Friday, on another flight to Mildura on Saturday then sat in his new mount supplied by Ken Hutchins owned Modern Stainless Steel ART. Reed looked comfortable in his new seat from the start taking out the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award.  The Bar Up $8K was also on offer for the qualifying teams and Reed grabbed the $5K bonus for being the first across the line.


Ely & Bishop lined up in 1 & 2 for the A Main with Reed & Moule off the second row. Everyone in the house new they were in for some excitement. 2 laps down and NT30 Mark King rolled in turn 3, a further lap down after restart and another incident between turn 3 and 4 saw ACT15 Harley Bishop and VIC99 Zac Farrer retire to the infield. Ely looked strong leading the main for 2/3rd race distance. The yellow light was bought on by V85 and the field had to line up again for the start. This was Reed’s opportunity to pass Ely and he grabbed the lead in turn 2 and held off to the chequer. V4 Phil Lock was back on the podium running 3rd. Locky loves the Mildura track and always has good results at the venue.

The Setts Bar & Grill Function Centre Big Screen sat up in Turn 3 capturing all the highlights, adding another level of entertainment to the night. The feature race certainly provided plenty of “highlights” to be captured!  


Heat Wins: NT30 Mark King, V83 Chris Solomon, V4 Phil Lock, SA22 Chad Ely


A Main Final positions– ACT49 Matt Reed, SA22 Chad Ely, V4 Phil Lock, SA96 Darryl Guerin, SA44 Daniel
Evans, V34 Brenten Farrer, SA77 Chris Evans, V7 Paul Solomon DNF, V83 Chris Solomon, V66 Wayne Logue DNF, V85 Colin Lincoln DNF, ACT26 Tony Moule DNF, V23 Jimmy Gardiner DNF, SA66 Clinton Oliver DNF, V8 Corey Lincoln DNF, SA18 Jed Bell DNF,ACT15 Harley Bishop DNF, NT30 Mark King DNF,

V99 Zac Farrer DNF


Support Classes.

Street Stocks ran a display of 4 x 2 lap dashes.


Wingless Sprints

Heat wins went to Mitch Gladman, Darren Burgess and Shaun McClure. With Shaun McClure taking the win in the final with Darren Burgess 2nd and Anthony McMillan in 3rd


1467am Modified Sedans

With Peter McCarthy in the seat of Jeremy McClure’s SA2 and son Wade McCarthy in MDA6 a battle for position was seen throughout the night. Heat wins going to Peter McCarthy and David Smith. In turn 1 of the first lap of the final Dave Smith took the lead while a 3 car wide battle for 2nd was behind him. Wade held his line to hold off Peter and fast paced Daniel Drewett for 2 laps with a final result 1st place David Smith 2nd  Daniel Drewett and 3rd Peter McCarthy .


Mildura Speedway Drivers Club next meeting is on Saturday 8th March, Gates open at 5pm and racing to start at 7pm




All-Stars Finale At Timmis

All-Stars Finale At Timmis

26/02/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1664652

Mildura Speedway Drivers Club Media Release

By Carol Adamson ( Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club)

Meeting to be held on 1st March 2014

Displaying 10393_52_1825951-70.jpgDisplaying 10393_52_3a5bce4-d0.jpg

Saturday 1st March is a night not to miss when Mildura Speedway Drivers Club hosts the Final Round 10 of the 360 All Star Sprintcar Series Event.

Among the 20 Nominations from VIC, NT, ACT and SA  point leaders SA22 Chad Ely, V7 Paul Solomon and SA83 Shannon Berry will be set to give race fans an exciting nights racing as they aim for the Series Championship win.

Chad Ely took out the win in Round 9 held recently at Horsham holding off fast paced ACT26  Tony Moule hot on his heels coming in 2nd and V11 Brad Foster 3rd .      

Support classes for the evening will be Wingless Sprints, Street Stocks and 1467am Modified Sedans featuring Mildura’s Victorian No1. Champion David Smith.

The modifed field of  Peter McCarthy, Marty Hawson, Paul Sheen, Jereme McClure, Daniel Drewett, Jason Bolitho and Aus 1 David Smith will put on a great show for fans as they prepare for the VMPA Series Round. This event will be the next meeting to be held at Timmis Speedway on 8th March.

Congratulations  go out to Mildura’s Street Stock driver Robbie Faux. Robbie defended his Title winning the Australian Street Stock Title held on the weekend in Tasmania. Robbie is the first driver in 19 years to win this title back to back.

Gates are open at 5pm with racing to start at 7pm.  



Timmis Speedway Hosts the National Super Sedan Series

Timmis Speedway Hosts the National Super Sedan Series

03/02/2014, Mildura, Motorsport-Speedway, Timmis Speedway, Article # 1546125

Timmis Speedway Hosts the National Super Sedan Series

By Carol Adamson Publicity Officer Mildura Speedway Drivers Club

On an impressively prepared track and under searing heat conditions, Darren Kane and Matt Pascoe continued their battle for the 2013/2014 National Super Sedan Series at Mildura’s Timmis Speedway on Friday night (January 31) with the Queensland duo again filling the first two spots in the 35-lap feature race. Kane collected his second consecutive round win, leading all the way from pole position to again relegate Pascoe to the runner-up position. However, Matt Pascoe maintained his championship lead heading into the final round at Murray Bridge.

South Australia’s Dave Gartner finished in third spot ahead of Michael Nicola, Lucas Roberts and Lachlan Onley, who deserved a better result given his willingness to run the outside line. Bill Miller was next best ahead of Mark Pagel, with Ash Bergmeier, Luke Dodding and Tim McAvaney completing the finishers.

On a day of extreme temperatures in excess of 40 degrees, teams faced the additional stresses of keeping cars and drivers cool. Given the heat of the day, the track held up remarkably well through the night, understandably slickening  for the feature race.

Kane topped qualifying with two heat wins, the second of which came when he slipped underneath Miller with just a couple of laps to run. Other heat winners were Pascoe, Nicola, Gartner and Onley, while Miller, Latham and Tony Barklimore finished inside the top five in each of their heats. Roberts was also strong, collecting two runner-up results to qualify sixth despite failing to go the distance in his second heat due to an overheating engine.

In the opening laps of the feature, Kane set a cracking pace, leaving Pascoe to deal with the challenge of Gartner, Nicola and Roberts. However, a mid-race restart enabled Pascoe to close the gap and, from this point, the two leaders remained in very close company through to the end. Whilst Pascoe certainly got close - very close at times – he never got quite close enough to execute a pass. Gartner drifted back and found his position under serious threat from Nicola, Roberts and Steve Latham, whose efforts came to a grinding halt with a broken tailshaft.

Mark Pagel  advanced from 12th to finish eighth behind Miller, while Bergmeier, Dodding and McAvaney finished a lap down. After making a long haul Gary Pagel and Tony Barklimore were early casualties, with Kaleb Perrett also finishing on the infield.

2013/2014 National Super Sedan Series progressive pointscore: Matt Pascoe 2660, Darren Kane 2515, Michael Nicola 2438, Dave Gartner 2142, Mark Pagel 2004, Michael Doblo 1875, Lachlan Onley 1829, Steve Latham 1790, Pater Nicola 1786, Bill Miller 1665, Tony Barklimore 1588, Jason Campbell 1190, Jack Childs 992, Lucas Roberts 910, Gary Pagel 658


Street Stocks, Wingless Sprints and 1467am Modified Sedans were Support Classes for the night which included 2 dramatic roll overs.
Street Stocks  

The Streety final was filled with action, with 8 laps to go and several cars heading into turn 4, Ben Aworth in his first meeting for the year saw a gap in the track and made the move to go around traffic in front. Unfortunately for Ben the gap closed and Ben collided with the fence and Daniel Andrews in MDA14. Ben was sent dramatically rolling from one side to the other losing several panels from his vehicle. Ben climbed out of the car unscathed, a credit to strict safety regulations in the sport. Outstanding driving from Mildura’s AUS 1 Robbie Faux saw him again take wins in both heats and the chequered flag in the final, doing his now famous, nose to the concrete fence, turn 1 wheel spin and salute.

Albert Fell placed 2nd in the final driving Jake Drewett’s Motorhouse Falcon and Trevor Logan  placed 3rd in the final.


Heat 1.  1st AUS 1 Robbie Faux  2ND MDA 17 Jason Faux   3RD MDA 23 Trevor Logan

Heat 2.  1ST Aus 1 Robbie Faux  2ND MDA 36 Albert Fell  3RD MDA 83 Scott Mason

FINAL.  1ST AUS 1 Robbie Faux  2ND  MDA 36 Albert Fell 3RD MDA 23 Trevor Logan



Wingless Sprints

Heat 1 was taken out with an impressive lead from start to finish by Jason Bolitho. Brendon Guerin placed 1st in the 2nd heat which saw Mitch Gladman go wide in turn 4 on the last lap which gave way for Jason to come through and take out 3rd  behind Sean McClure in 2nd and relegating Mitch to 4th. In the final with 4 laps to go S92 Shaun Brown clipped the fence in the back straight and was sent tumbling over. After the restart and a brilliant run to the finish line Brendan Guerin crossed the finish line in 1st with Jason Bolitho 2nd and Sean McClure in 3rd.

Heat 1.  1st S52 Jason Bolitho  2nd S26  Brendan Guerin  3rd S92 Shaun Brown

Heat 2.  1st S26 Brendan Guerin  2nd  S23 Shaun McClure  3rd S52 Jason Bolitho

Final.     1st S26 Brendan Guerin 2nd S52 Jason Bolitho 3rd S23 Shaun McClure


Modified Sedans


Fast paced exciting close racing was witnessed with the Modified sedans. Martin Hawson taking the win in heat 1, SA’s Jeremy McClure winning heat 2. A 4 car battle in the final and an amazing race display by all drivers, the final was won by Martin Hawson in 1st closely followed by Jeremy McClure in 2nd and Jake Drewett in 3rd


Heat 1. 1st MDA72 Martin Hawson  2nd  SA2 Jeremy McClure  3rd MDA69 Daniel Drewett

Heat 2. 1st SA2 Jeremy McClure  2nd MDA6 Wade McCarthy 3rd MDA 72 Martin Hawson

Final. 1st MDA72 Martin Hawson 2nd SA2 Jeremy McClure 3rd MDA3 Jake Drewett