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Welcome to, a sports news internet directory site.

Now you don’t have to search the web for sports news or for that special sports site, just log into and search the headlines of your favorite sports competition. Once you have found your sports news click on the headline and get directed to the sports article site. Once there you can explore the site for other relevant news or simply click off the page and return to

You have 2 options to find your sports news.

  1. "Select A Sport" -  Search sport category or sport heading
  2. Navigate through the site for exact locations

‚Äč1. The SELECT A SPORT tab can display all the leagues associated with the sport you selected. Simply click on the arrow in the SELECT A SPORT box (next to home page tab) and select the sport from the drop down menu. For example: if your choice is surfing then the drop down menu will display every competition or publication promoting surfing that subscribes to. Simply select the site or competition you are interested in.

2. To navigate you must first determine the level of competition.There are 4 levels of competition being:

International: A competition fixture played in more than 1 country.

National:        A competition fixture that is played in more than 1 state, county or province.

State:              A competition fixture that is played in more than 1 city or town in that same state.

Regional:       A competition fixture that is played in 1 town or city only. This is grass roots local sport.

Note: The competition is based on where the events are held and not on how many international athletes are competing.

Some examples of competition levels are listed at the bottom of the page.



By holding the cursor over the competition level you can select the area you want. Once you have clicked on that area move to the left hand side of the page and hover the cursor over the sport category.

A sport drop down menu will appear with the active sports in that area highlighted in white. Click on the sport you require. If the sport is not highlighted in white it means that particular sport is not covered in that region at this point of time.

Once you have selected your sport move your cursor down to the “Leagues in Region” box. Hold your cursor over this box and a drop down menu will appear listing the sports leagues in that region. Click on the league/competition from the highlighted menu and you will be in the competition you are looking for.

If you need to navigate further then some leagues will list clubs which are involved in the league competition. Simply follow through the navigation sequence and click on the club.

If the league or club you are looking for is not listed then you should ask them to send in their details so we can construct a page for them. The service is free of charge.

After navigating several times it will become more familiar and easy to use.

If all else fails just use the” quick search box.”

We hope you enjoy this service and use this service to locate and explore the most exciting sports article headlines from your favorite sporting organisations or publications worldwide.

Some examples of competition levels.

International:  The World Cup (soccer). Competition (qualifying) is played in different countries

National:          NFL (American Football). Competition is held in the same country (USA) and in more                               than 1 state, territory, county or province.

State:               Victorian Football League (VFL). Australian Rules competition that is conducted in more                         than 1 town or city in the same state, province or county.

Regional:         Olympics. Competition is a single sporting fixture held in 1 town or city. Although the                                 competition is made up of athletes from around the world the actual event is held once                             every four years and forms no part of a fixtured competition.

The search criteria for the 2012 London Olympics would have been. Regional > London, Sport > Multisport, League > London Olympics


The Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro that is held in Geelong forms part of an international surfing competition that is the ASP World Tour Championship which is held in different countries so it falls under International Competition.

Formula 1 is an International Competition as the competition fixture is held in different countries.

The famous Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at Warrnambool is classed as a regional event even though the field is a mixture of Australian and American drivers. The event fixturing is not part of any other series so it sits as a Regional Competition only.

The English Premier League (soccer) is fixtured across the country and is a National Competition..

Major League Baseball (MLB) is fixtured across the country and falls under a National Competition.